What if it took less than a hour a day to be able to achieve those results with a fraction of the effort?

What if it took less than a hour a day to be able
to achieve those results with a fraction of the effort?

This complete step-by-step 12-week workshop will walk you through the transition from getting inconsistent results to finally getting funded (of course if that is what you are aiming for).

This complete step-by-step 12-week workshop will walk you through the transition
from getting inconsistent results to finally getting funded (of course if that is what you are aiming for).

My focus is to help you trade FOR LIFE, NOT for a day.

You will be guided through a structured 12-week workshop that will help you develop a reliable trading process that will provide you the opportunity to build the financial status you’ve been struggling to get for so long.

No strategy, no money, no degree, or intellect will make you a consistent trader. There are no hidden levels, non-told secrets or magical levels that will put money into your account in no amount of time.

So what is the secret…?

I have been trading for over 10 years and one of my biggest regrets was not understanding what it really meant to be a consistent trader. In my mind, it was easy to understand what to do from a technical perspective, but yet I continued to fail to make money for almost 4 years.

I searched far and wide for the best strategies, the best entry techniques, where to place my stop loss, and tried everything from support and resistance trading, breakout strategies, scalping and even binary options (biggest mistake!) – I will talk about this in more detail letter.

After 10 years of trading and teaching over 5000 students, I discovered the secret was never in the actual trading.

In fact your trading strategy also has little to do with your overall results.

So what is the secret…?

I am sorry to be the bearer of bad news, but the secret lies within the PROCESS of how you execute your strategy, not your strategy itself.

Unless you have a deep understanding of how your strategy works in all market conditions, how to understand your strategy in different behaving markets, when to execute your strategy, how to adapt your strategy in different scenarios, your strategy will never work no matter if it had a 90% win rate (which doesn’t exist of course)!

So my BIG QUESTION to you is this…do you have a clear plan of action mapped out for the next 90 days how you will execute your strategy in ALL market conditions?

YES I DO – This workshop is not for you because
you will make money with a clear plan.
NO I DON’T – Let me explain how this works.

The Disconnect

Your strategy is a tool, it is not the reason to take a trade!

There are traders who are masters at identifying the best patterns, understanding unique candlestick patterns, drawing out their key levels, but still to this day struggling with their trading. In fact there is so much free content out there, books, YouTubes, Instagram posts, that you don’t even need to pay to understand this, we call this your foundation, and most traders know it!

Unless you know how to connect the dots which is the number #1 reason why even the best technical traders fail to find consistency, your trading battle, mental battle and emotional battle with be a constant BATTLE!

What is The Formula

Here is What to Expect When Using a Systematic Trading Strategy

Your Strategy

1 Your Strategy

We boast the only strategy in the trading industry that has a zero discretionary approach. So we don’t rely on patterns, indicators, key levels or fancy charting. The systematic trading strategy is solely focused on trading with the immediate flow of the markets at the time you are sitting down to trade. It doesn’t require you to be there at any specific time or day. It works around the clock, on any timeframe and on any symbol you trade.

2 Understanding The Sentiment

Understanding The Sentiment

Unless you know what is happening in the marketplace, you are basically trading blind. The systematic trading strategy does not require you to become a fundamentalist, neither does it require you to put in hours of chart time. You will learn a simple scanning technique that will allow you to understand exactly what is happening in the marketplace and prepare you for high probability trading setups.

3 Identifying The Behavior

Identifying The Behavior

After you have understood the sentiment of the markets, it is very important to identify the current behavior of the market. This will not only allow you to take high probability trading setups, but this will also allow you to get in and out of your trades in relatively a short space of time. The reason for this is because you always enter when the movement starts and the volume kicks in.

4 Connecting The Dots

Connecting The Dots

Now you have understood the sentiment and identified the behavior, it is now time to connect the dots. This is the hardest part for most traders but this is where the systematic trading strategy shows its true power. You will be taught a simple method for less attention and time needed at the charts, or you can adopt the scaling down technique. Whichever you choose to adopt, this is the most crucial stage before entering your trades.

5 Validating The Scenario

Validating The Scenario

So many traders enter simply because of a candle close, a retest pattern, a breakout or whatever it is that they have trained their eyes to see. The problem with this is that if the market created perfect scenarios every single time, then don’t you think we would all be consistent already. This is where the systematic trading strategy allows you to execute NO MATTER what as long as the scenario (NOT PATTERN) is in play.

6 Bringing it All Together

Bringing it All Together

This is where the magic happens. No longer will you need to worry about where your stop loss should be, what target you should go for, how much should I risk, should I close my trade here. The systematic trading strategy will provide you with a PERFECT risk management manual that immediately removes all the emotions that affects the fear and greed of a trader.

What you'll learn

  • Internalize the importance of developing your mindset and personality to achieve success
  • Master the art of self-discipline and mental toughness
  • Learn how to set goals and commit to working on it
  • Gain better comprehension of trading techniques and refine your choice to suit your needs
  • Make you emotions as your ally in making trading decisions
  • Maximize your trading potential by unlocking your inner talents
  • Discover the importance of delayed gratification as a way of disciplining yourself in trading and in life
  • Get a better view of your personal motivation for trading and come up with the best strategy

This is just a sneak peek of what awaits you in this 12-week workshop. Unlock a whole new perspective about trading and watch it work for you!


  • Acknowledges the reality of trading. It is not a get-rich-quick scheme.
  • Ready and willing to study with us for 12 weeks.
  • Noble and upright motivation for being a trader.
  • The desire to achieve progress and development.


In the 12-week workshop you will be taken through a step by step process
to unlearn everything you already know and relearn everything you need to know, without the noise and clutter that is a huge distraction to 90% of traders.

This is not a theoretical course were you will be expected to study
each section of the course in your own time, it is a LIVE INTERACTICE weekly workshop that will be taught to you over the course of 12 weeks.

You will learn every single component necessary and the formula
and reasons why it is important to adopt these new behaviors.

This will allow you to build confidence and faith in your ability
to trade consistently and eventually become a profitable trader.

You will learn a systematic trading strategy with a in depth detailed process plan each week you will be guided by Rockz who is a fulltime professional trader, one step at a time, so you have enough time to process and action everything you are learning.

You will be given weekly tasks at the end of every session to complete as part of the workshop which is tailored to helping you reinforce every element that is taught which is necessary to get the MOST out of your trading.

The 12-week workshop is not designed to get you results on a one of basis,
it is built on the notion that as long as you implement everything taught,
you will be in a position to take up trading as a fulltime profession.

You can expect to receive a clear and concise actionable plan,
with detailed instructions on how to adapt to the process of trading,
and surround yourself with others who are doing the exact same thing as you.

To complete the whole experience we will focus on your mindset,
emotions and risk management plans to complete the whole package
so you are not graduating from the 12-week workshop
with the same mindset as you came in with.


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+100 Countries




12 Weeks


+5000 Members

Sure, there are plentiful courses about trading and investing. Many of them are free. But, what I will share with you are the real-life lessons that I’ve learned the hard way. This is the wisdom that cannot be replicated in other courses.

This is an offering that is unique to me. As your mentor, I don’t make big promises to my students. But, if there’s one thing that I can guarantee you: This 12-week workshop is grounded on the reality of trading.

The work we will be putting in is designed to pay off in the future once practiced consistently, hence my emphasis on the right execution of your strategy and ultimately, your self-development as well.

You will also get these 3 bonuses at NO COST


Weekly worksheets and homework


Weekly worksheets and homework

You’ll get the entire course stripped down and distilled into a rapid fire checklist. Every time you pull up to your computer to trade, you simply open this checklist and go through each task.

I personally believe this is the fastest and easiest method I know of to execute a scientifically tested trading method.


Weekly Accountability Reviews


Weekly Accountability Reviews

Get your hands on a quick reference guide to 21 different combinations of entries in The Forex Markets. All of these were derived from real trades that I took on my own account.

If you trade the Forex markets then this quick flashcard system is a must have.


Weekly Entry Techniques Guides


Weekly Entry Techniques Guides

Ever wanted to trade just 15-30 minutes per week?

This in-depth 84 minute training will show you exactly how to use the principles on the course to trade just once per week, yet still come out with profits at the end of every year.

This is perfect for you if you want a more laid back, lower risk approach.

Achieve a proven system and process that works!

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